Beluga Edge for Web Professionals

Unrivaled partnership program to help you scale and grow your business

All the tools you need to scale Your services

Running a web agency is now much easier with our one-stop platform that helps you manage WP hosting, collarate with your team and clients, and bill your clients, and bill your clients under your own brand!

Manage your clients’ websites and your team in a single platform

You can manage and monitor all your clients’ websites, and organize billing requests while collaborating with your team members, all inside a single platform!

Go live in minutes by speeding up site creation with blueprints

Thanks to the Blueprints and also our Staging Enviornment,you can create and test new websites really quick and go live within minutes and you can mwwt your clients’ change and update requests just as quickly, keeping them happy and content all the time!

Make stress-free and effortless change on sites with a Staging Environment

We all know that no matter how to stable everything is, a production deployment can be distressing. It is also not uncommon for a client to come up with a last-minute or after-deployment change request. Our Staging Environment feature will save your from all there troubles by allowing you safely make changes and deploy it with a single-click!