Beluga Edge for Individuals

Scale your website stress-free and grow your business

Guaranteed uptime and superior perfomance

Your website is one of the primary ways of communicating your business to the millions and it should perform at the highest level all the time, to help you socceed. We are here to help make it happen!

Instant, auto-scaling to help you accommodate millions of visitors

Our cloud hosting platform, platform, developed upon contanierization technology, enables us instantly and automatically scale up the resources to meet traffic spikes, surges, and everything in between. We are here to support all of your business goals and marketing efforts whether you are launching something new and huge or communicating campagins and promotions to increase leads!

Ultimate, guaranteed uptime levels and security

We know that every visitor you win is important to you and the only way to keep winning new visitors and customers is be stable and reliable all the time. Our industry-leading global CDN, our partnership with Google Cloud combined with the auto-healing technology and compete website security package ensures that you can rest easy knowing that your website is up and running and is safe all the time!

Build and manage modern, top-performer websites like a pro

You can use endless stream of themes and plugins to create modern websites, backuped by dedicated resources to ensure that in has the top perfomance all the time!